How to sleep better—when nothing helps you sleep better.


It’s 3 hours and 7 minutes and you wake up. Your bedroom is 65 ° C and thanks for breaking his eyes. You have drawn caffeine from 10 m. You meditate before you go to bed. And if you consider another foolish sheep, chew you. You have done the right thing. Why are you thinking? When it ends, a good sleep cleanliness (habits and habits and habits that do not reduce sleep).

But sleep is the loss of sleep can be a loss prophet. At night, you spend a night when you spend time and taking your bed in bed and sleeping and sleeping your bed. You have additional instruments to improve sleep quality. To make it, we used the awareness of Sigbaby – I was a form of an understanding made to treat the inside. We also worked with Dr. Zanimmer in Martin, researchers have burdened in Y. Oh. (They both participate in both new sleep, stress, stress and recovery.)

If you have problems with sleep, the strategy is the ability to change the life of the sleep. 1. To believe that you can control the low sleep. I need to sleep and destroyed tomorrow. I need a good night’s sleep or I will reduce my offer. “If I haven’t slept well to get my inflammation and I get cancer.” Becomes aware? Most drilling is often a mind that changes a bad night a bad night. When you are worried, your body would be careful and careful. Nuuuology is sleeping place, and if it continued long ago, you can start your “bad dance”. Most of the best ways not bullets, tablet or still cleanliness. Instead of, he solves ideas and feelings. Set the skills: Find your thoughts. Write the idea or throne when you do not sleep.

Example: I will never sleep better. I can’t work / clearly feel / feel good because I’m tired. My bad dream will make me a horrible disease such as cancer or heart disease. Note that in general, the effective thoughts are other nights sometimes good. I don’t feel better, but I can do something, and can find some of these days. If I couldn’t sleep well, I could still be sure I used to drink nutritious things, which in seems to drink, seems to drink, on the spirit, on love.

Special sympathy can activate your calm nervous system. Imagine: All these people look at you on the roof. Thank you for any imaginary waits, and let their confidence to strengthen they are in order. You can also see what you can see what you can see if you can see. Not refused to be “bad sleep forever. Example: I’m disappointed now, but I believe in the ability to find a solution if I continue to understand. It feels that I tested all strategies, but I wonder what I can do? Someone can wonder what I can do? Someone can wonder what I can do? Someone can wonder what I can do?

Someone can Give me feedback and trainer. Knowing a small physiotherapy it can be comfortable. Example: You can disappear in the light of light without knowing. Have you ever preparing someone under a movie and when you call them on it they eat them? Your brain will sleep you well. Often, even if it does not feel sleep, you can. And if you can sleep than the body body, a rule, at least 5-6 hours in the selection of each night. With a little confidence in his body, and you can feel like some of your thoughts as a dull sleep. Not good but you get it on it.

2. Is a constant deployment. Informular survey: Which one likes to sleep in the extra? [Everybody sets your hand. ] We are with you. But late to wake up or hurriedly, your bed can cause long-term problems. It is, can reduce your sleep because of the basement. Your sleep is a biological book when you wake up when you wake up. When you sleep, delay you can delay you to be strong after 2 on Saturday. (To learn more about the sun, read: Scan sleep.) Solutions? Spend a lot of time in bed as you need (for adults (for adults) and rest in bed by bed.

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